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WAA_logo-new-green_643x470We are the Walkabout Alumni Association (“WAA”), an independent, non-profit organization, launched in July 2014.  The WAA mission is to serve the current and future Walkabout alumni community by:

(1) Sharing Information & News
(2) Providing Networking & Forum
(3) Offering Resources & Support

WAA = Walkabout Alumni Association - all hands in! WAA also generally advocates for challenge-oriented, experiential education programs in the Walkabout model, collaborating with, and supporting the Walkabout Education Foundation as they work to launch a new Walkabout school/program in the near future.  The 1400+ alumni of the original Walkabout Program, running from 1978 – 2014, are proof that this time-tested approach to education provides students of  Walkabout a sense of self-confidence, community, life skills and core values, which serve them well, and benefit others, throughout their lives.

We are a network of Walkabout Alumni, proud of our shared, invaluable experiences, who believe that the Walkabout education model empowers individuals to dramatically improve themselves and the world around them.

WAA exists to celebrate and support the Walkabout education model, and to ensure it remains available to high school students. We have found and gathered many Walkabout Alumni already, but we need ALL of YOU to sign up and be counted, to connect with all those who, like you, are fortunate to have received a Walkabout education already!

Please Sign Up now to join us at walkaboutalumni.org/signup.

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 Eugene Lebwohl and Lee Cutler of Walkabout / Alumni / WAA