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So far, WAA is planning to organize three (3) BIG events per year, and imagining several smaller, more casual events, based on demands and desires of alumni to gather.  Here are the BIG THREE:

Walkabout Alumni Association - WAA - Runabout EventI.  RUNABOUT – next one is in September 2016 – stay tuned for details!

Held twice previously on behalf of WEF (Walkabout Education Foundation, to rescue the  original Walkabout Program), this is now an Alumni community, fun and fundraising event, to be held in September annually. Email runabout@walkaboutalumni.org for more information, and to get involved. See you there!

WAA = Walkabout Alumni Association - all hands in!II.  THANKSGIVING GATHERING – next one is on SATURDAY, November 28th, 2015!

A long-standing Walkabout tradition, to bring together students and alumni in appreciation and support, the night before Thanksgiving – now a WAA tradition – most likely to be held in Northern Westchester, near Yorktown Heights… Email info@walkaboutalumni.org for more information. Be there if you can!

Walkabout Alumni Association - WAA - The Summit EventIII.  WALKABOUT SUMMIT – the next one is (tentatively) in May/June 2016 – watch for updates!

Carrying on one of the most powerful and satisfying parts of the Walkabout experience – go climb a mountain! The first WAA “Walkabout Summit” held in 2015 was a great success, a wonderful, emotional experience, and we are planning to expand it with more people next year!  Email info@walkaboutalumni.org for more information.  Hope to see you on the mountain!

OTHER WAA EVENTS? We imagine “Talkabouts”, “Hangabouts” etc., will be gatherings of alumni around food and beverages, at locations of relevance and interest to Walkabouters, and possibly at a place owned, operated or influenced by an alum/graduation of Walkabout.  KEEP IN TOUCH with WAA so you know what’s coming, and when…

HOW DO I KEEP IN TOUCH?  Glad you asked! WAA has three things you can do to keep up-to-date with Walkabout alumni news and events:

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We are here for YOU! Looking forward to seeing you at the next gathering…

 – Walkabout Alumni Association (WAA)

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