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Walkabout NEWS – November 2015 – WAA

Dear Alum, Teacher, Family, Friend of Walkabout,

Your Walkabout Alumni Association (WAA) is pleased to send you this November newsletter, filled with Walkabout memories, news, views, updates, and events. Most importantly–the Thanksgiving event is just 20 days away–be there if you can!

Walkabout Reunion - Open Mic & PartyDETAILS: The Annual Thanksgiving Gathering & Reunion is on Saturday, November 28th from 7-11pm. This year, it’s a party with an open mic…

Click here for more information or RSVP via email directly to – yeah, it’s Vic Messick!

WAA has been busy since the last newsletter, finding alumni, connecting old friends and making new ones, organizing events, gathering stories and stuff from the archives (now fondly called the Walkabout “Vault”), and much more. We want to keep you informed of all the important Walkabout news including the future of the program, alumni accomplishments, upcoming events, share some of the creative talents of your fellow Walkabouters, and provide resources to the alumni community.

We’re doing well, but have so much more to do…Our periodic newsletters are how we will get most of this information to you, providing relevant links and resources. But we need your help in finding ALL the alumni out there, so please pass this email along to your classmates (if they’re not on our list already), and be sure to subscribe to the WAA  blog by email at: !

Please check out the topics below in this newsletter/blog post.  Email questions, comments, thoughts, stories and ideas to your alumni association at  Hope to see you at the Thanksgiving Gathering!

– WAA –

THANKSGIVING Gathering & Reunion – click link to page on this site.

2015 Thanksgiving Gathering/Routine - Walkabout Alumni Association

TALKABOUT Series of Audio/Podcasts – here is Talk #1:

Walkabout Alumni SUMMIT – click link to page on this site.

Walkabout RUNABOUT Event – click link to page on this site.

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