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Exciting News! And WEF Needs Your Help…

Are you sitting down? We’ve got BIG news, and it’s not the new logo…

Walkabout Education Foundation = WEF = Walkabout Consilient SchoolThe Walkabout Education Foundation (WEF) has been working tirelessly to reinvent Walkabout and they’ve been recognized for their efforts by some heavy hitters. XQ: The Super School Project will award $10MM to five different applicants and they have selected The Walkabout Consilient School (our vision of Walkabout 2.0) as one of the finalists.  In two weeks they will announce the winners and we want to do everything we can to push it over the finish line.

YOU CAN HELP!!!  (We need you…)

Be part of the grassroots groundswell of support for Walkabout by posting how Walkabout helped you.  Be sure to include the following hashtags so we get exposure on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and elsewhere:

  • #ReThinkHighSchool — this one is critical!
  • #WalkaboutWorks — this one is ours, it’ll grow…

***When posting on Instagram (or Tumblr, Facebook, etc.) and sharing through to Twitter, make sure the tags appear in the first 140 characters of your post! 

 ALSO MAKE SURE TO TWEET/POST DIRECTLY: @XQAmerica on Twitter & Instagram to get their attention!

Reach out to your classmates, parents, your old high school teachers, guidance counselor or principal, and let them know to do the same!  You can also like the XQ FB page and the WEF FB page.  To stay informed (alumni and others), be sure that you’ve signed up at


>>Here’s a sample post from a student: “Deep gratitude to Walkabout for giving me the support and guidance I needed to take ownership of my education.”
#rethinkhighschool  #walkaboutworks  @xqamerica

>>Here’s a sample post from a parent or supporter: “Best of luck Walkabout Consilient School!  It’s great to see @XQAmerica recognizing that you’re reinventing the American high school.”
#rethinkhighschool  #walkaboutworks  @xqamerica

***Of course, use YOUR words, and experiences in your tweets and posts @XQAmerica!


Walkabout needs your help — your positive, sustained, relentless, sharing, posting, and tagging — to make sure XQ America / Super School project know we are 1500+ alumni strong, from 37 years of success, and it’s proven that WALKABOUT WORKS!

Click on the image below to check out the XQ SuperSchool competition/project page:

Walkabout Consilient School is a FINALIST in the XQ Super School Competition!!!

Here’s the Press Release with all the details…


Walkabout Consilient School Selected as Finalist in XQ: The Super School Project, Currently in the Running for $10MM in Funding

Katonah, New York – The Walkabout Consilient School (WCS) has been selected as a finalist in XQ: The Super School Project, a national challenge to rethink high school. On July 20th, XQ officials chose fifty finalists from a pool of 700 applicants. On August 4th, each of the five winning applicants will be awarded $10MM to bring their schools to life.

“We couldn’t be more excited to see our work recognized by XQ. The Walkabout Consilient School builds on 37 years of success in experiential education and we believe it is the reinvention of the American high school.”   —Ben Wild,  Executive Director, Walkabout Education Foundation

The Walkabout Consilient School is the creation of faculty and alumni from the Walkabout Program, which was available to high school seniors throughout Putnam and Westchester counties. For almost 40 years, this program helped disengaged students take ownership of their education. The U.S. Department of Education recognized The Walkabout Program as one of the top 40 experiential education programs in the United States.

The Walkabout Consilient School is the team’s vision for the new American high school. Building on the original program’s proven success, this public high school model gives students the tools to grow into resilient, self-reliant adults with the critical thinking skills necessary to thrive in college and career. Students gain these skills by engaging in self-directed experiential learning as part of a rigorous, multidisciplinary curriculum in a supportive, inclusive and collaborative environment. The consilient curriculum engages students in 5 Challenge Areas: Wilderness Expeditions, Service Learning, Applied Academics, Career Internship and Presentation. This transformation occurs in a challenge-oriented culture that requires students to take risks and move beyond their perceived limitations.

For more information about The Walkabout Consilient School contact or go to

For more information about XQ: The Super School Project visit


— Walkabout Education Foundation & Walkabout Alumni Association —

Request more info about WEF, the Consilient School program, or the XQ Super School competition:

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